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Rarity: Lesser Sand Plover

I get the ebird rare bird alerts.  Going through the alerts last week I noticed a Lesser Sand Plover was spotted in Arizona.  I checked the location of the siting and noted it was about 1.5 hours away from where we are staying (Sedona, Arizona).


Range Map for Lesser Sand Plover

So today, after a visit to see family in Flagstaff, we charted the drive to Round Cedar Lake on google maps and went in search of the Lesser Sand Plover.


Storm approaching

We made it to the site, located on the Navajo Reservation, and saw six other people watching and photographing the bird.  The bird was not difficult to spot being it was the only bird on the south pond (there are two ponds).  I was told by one person that he was able to get within twenty feet of the bird.  The bird did seem pretty tame.  We spent about 40 minutes watching the bird.  A small flock of ten Horned Larks subsequently joined the the plover.  What a pleasure to be able to see this amazing bird; and what adventures the bird must have had to get to a remote area in Arizona.


I love the clouds from this approaching storm.  This area will experience snow storms in the coming months.


The Lesser Sand Plover – a rarity for the United States


Lesser Sand Plover


Lesser Sand Plover


Lesser Sand Plover – there did to seem to be plenty of food for the bird


One of the ponds on which this little bird has been residing for the past week or so.

This was not a life bird for me as I saw this bird in Southeast Asia.  However,  I can add the bird to my North American list (if I had one).  Today was a really great day to bird.


  1. Nina Faust

    That is very cool, Michelle!

  2. Chris Smith

    What a great find, Michelle! Good pics, too. Great to be getting your postings. I’ll be heading your way in a few more hours.

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